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San Diego auto accident attorney Dean Goetz has been helping injured in auto accidents for over twenty years. Dean has demonstrated results of maximizing the settlement for his clients.

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Solana Beach, California attorney Dean A. Goetz - contact for a free personal injury consultation 858-481-8844.
San Diego personal injury attorney Dean Goetz offers contingency fee agreements which means no win = no fee, or i.e. if you don't win a monetary recovery for your personal injury claim, you will owe no attorney fees. I don't collect any money until you have won a money recovery and I advance all costs associated with your case.
San Diego motorcycle accident attorney.

Dean Goetz was able to get a $1,000,000 + settlement for me on my construction accident case because he prepared the case for trial from the beginning.

He hired the best experts and prepared them well for their depositions. [...] read more

Law Office of Dean Goetz is on 101, California N. Coast Highway, where Dean enjoys seeing bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians enjoyoing the beautiful Pacific Coast.