The right hook is a common bicycle v. car accident scenario, occuring even when the bicycle is iriding in a designated bike lane.

Right Hook

One of the top hazards an urban bicyclist has to contend with is having a car turn right in front of him/her. When a bicyclist is riding in the bicycle lane (typically right side of the road), or simply riding on the right of the main busy traffic lane, motor vehicles may be turning right through the bike lane, often unexpectedly in front of the bicyclist. This can result in a serious collision, It may trigger the bicyclist losing control of the bicycle. Or it may necessitate the bicyclist needing to force a fall to prevent contact with the automobile.

Blind Spots

Car Drivers - Look for cyclists, don't underestimate their speed or yours

Often with large semi trucks or even 4X4 or SUVs, the visibility at intersections for the driver may obscure the the vehicle driver's ability to see the bicycle in the bike lane, the pedestiran right in front of them, or even a small car, because of the mechanical reality and danger of blind spots in these types of commercial vehicles

distracted drivers not looking for cyclists nor pedestrians or motorcycles
distracted driver on cell phone

Distracted Driving

Many drivers are simply not looking for bikes, pedestrians, nor motorcycles.. Other drivers are multi-tasking, doing their hair, makeup,eating, texting or talking on the phone, and they really aren't able to pay enough attention to their driving and other vehicles on the road, including bikes, motorcycles and pedestrians.

Crash Risk Types

Everyday road hazards.