San Diego personal injury attorney Dean A. Goetz has had many years of experience and demonstrated results successfully handling motorcycle accident injury cases and will carefully evaluate all aspects of your case to obtain the maximum benefits for you. Attorney Goetz will fight hard for you to make sure you get everything you are legally entitled to receive.

California Motorcycle Accident Law

Motorcycles provide a popular form of both recreation and transportation but motorcycle riding can lead to serious injuries in the case of an accident. Riders may be severely injured due to dangerous roadway design or collisions with cars or trucks.

Injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents may be serious and disabling, and may even lead to death.

Accidents are often caused by other motorists failing to see a motorcyclist.

It is important to hire an attorney experienced in motorcycle injury cases because many people assume that accidents involving a motorcycle are the fault of the rider. Insurance companies know this and use this to their favor when offering a settlement to a motorcyclist.

Motorcycle accident injury cases require a knowledgeable California trial attorney also because the attorney must competently handle any bias that motorcyclists may face from those investigating the accident as well as the jury if your case goes to court.

San Diego motorcycle attorney Dean A. Goetz knows that most motorcyclists are safe and cautious riders and motorcycle accident statistics support this. Dean is an experienced California motorcycle attorney and he has demonstrated results that he will fight for motorcyclists every step of the way.