Truck drivers have extreme blind spots from the big rig truck cab which they need to know or have mirrors and other mechanical help to mitigate.

Truck Blind Spots

Truck collisions though rare are too often deadly for pedestrians, motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, and also car drivers and passengers. Truck drivers because of the height of the big rig, and the difficulties associated with driving a semi in congested urban environments like San Diego, the risk to unprotected road users from right-turning trucks primarily derives from the very often insufficient field of vision of the truck driver. Not every truck driver is aware of the dangers and problems of turning right in an urban setting. In many regions, the number of cyclists and pedestrians of are very high, while in other regions virtually no cyclists and pedestrians are encountered. Truck drivers and trucking companies need to be aware of this danger which is well documented in NHTSA research like, Endangerment of Pedestrians and Bicyclists at Intersections by Right Turning Trucks.

distracted drivers not looking for cyclists nor pedestrians or motorcycles
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Truck Driver Blind Spots

It is the inadequate field of view forward of the vehicle and to the right in particular that cause the truck drivers considerable problems. Modern crash safety auto improvements do not always work against big rig trucks and tracktor trailers because in underride side or rear collisions, these safety mechinisms are not triggered, air bags often do not deploy, and the frame engineering improvements for normal car v. car collisions do not deploy. The same catastrophic dangers apply to pedestrians and cyclists especially because of the lack of regulation requiring big rigs and tractor trailers to have side guards which protect vulnerable road users from becoming underneeth the trailer, especially common in truck v. bicycle right hook types of collisions. With side guards on a big rig or tractor trailer, the cyclist would be injured, but most likely survive because it is that becoming trapped and under the trailer, that compounds the risks and dangers of semi trucks.

Pedestrian v. Truck Accidents

Just like the above motorcyclist, the pedestrian on the sidewalk and about to enter the crosswalk and intersection is in a normal, but dangerous position. Pedestrians crossing directly in front of a semi in a crosswalk are also in danger because the the truck cab makes it difficult for the driver to see the pedestrians on sidewalks, entering crosswalks, and even difficult to see in front of the truck cab where a crosswalk might be. Due to the line of site of the semi truck driver, the pedestrian is difficult to see, if not completely invisible, because the pedestrian is obstructed by the shear size of the semi tractor trailer. Pedestrians are also two way traffic on the sidewalk, and both directions of entering the intersection are actually similarly dangerous because of the truck driver's line of site.

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