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My law office in Solana Beach sits on Hwy. 101 and boasts the most biked stretch of road in the USA.

San Diego personal injury attorney's law office in Solana Beach on Hwy. 101 with bike riders going by daily.

There's many dedicated bike paths in Southern California and San Diego, and a range of bicycle facilities such that you can pick and choose and find a route to get you where you want to go, and a route that you feel is safe for you. Our bicycle facilities are constantly improving, but the area has long been a favorite among bike riders.

Mission Beach - Pacific Beach

One of the great things about Mission Beach - Pacific Beach is that it is a dedicated non-motorized bike and pedestrian trail.

San Diego bicycle accident attorney - some of my favorite bike rides in the area

You can take in both of these if you want to get in miles and enjoy the beach scenery.

Spectacular views and it's plenty of miles for the average person or family just wanting to get outside and get some exercise and fun in.

Bicycle Attorney Referrals

I network with USA bicycle attorneys all over the USA.

These are all experienced bicycle accident attorneys and advocates of bicyclists with demonstrated trial and insurance settlement results, even in situations where before trial, the insurance offered the injured cyclist nothing.

Please contact my colleague Mike Colbach, Portland, Oregon bicycle accident attorney if you are looking for an attorney in any other state not listed here. Mike may be able to refer you to an experienced bicycle attorney at no cost to you. Mike is committed to seeing that bicyclists get the best legal representation possible.

Retain a San Diego personal injury attorney who specializes in bicycle accident cases and who will fight for your legal rights.