The Importance of Trucking Laws

Trucking accidents are covered by state and federal laws. Designed to promote safety, trucking laws require truck drivers and trucking companies to adhere to stringent standards. Given the difficulty in monitoring the large volume of semi-trucks on the road, many truck accidents occur because of violations of these trucking laws.

The Importance of Proving a Trucking Law Violation

In most personal injury cases, you must prove that a person who owed a duty to you caused your injuries when he or she violated that duty. In trucking accident cases, proving a driver's violation of a trucking law can be proof of negligence, and proving a trucking law violation can make your case easier to win at trial.

Trucking laws establish a variety of standards and rules relating to:

  • Controlled substances and alcohol use and testing. This law attempts to prevent alcohol and substance abuse related accidents by requiring the creation of certain programs.
  • Commercial drivers license standards. This program establishes requirements for issuing a CDL and penalties for violating the law.
  • Driver qualifications. This regulation establishes minimum requirements for truck drivers.
  • Driving of commercial motor vehicles. This law sets standards for operating a truck, including the required amount of rest time.
  • Hours of service of drivers. This law discusses the conduct of drivers in relation to operating the truck including driving in adverse weather conditions, driving logs, and travel time requirements.
  • Inspection, repair, and maintenance. This part of the law describes the necessary requirements related to the scheduled maintenance, repair, and inspection of a tractor-trailer.

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