Employer Negligence in Trucking Accidents

Trucking companies owe a duty to you to ensure that the trucks they own are safe and the drivers they employ are competent. Failing to train drivers adequately and to ensure trucks are maintained properly jeopardizes the safety of your family.

Trucking company negligence can contribute to truck crashes.

Forms of Trucking Company Negligence

Like truck drivers, trucking companies are regulated by both federal and state laws. To protect innocent drivers on the road, the government imposes strict standards on trucking companies regarding maintenance, driver training, truck inspection, and employment practices.

Trucking company negligence includes:

  • Scheduling drivers on trips that exceed federal regulations relating to travel and sleep time
  • Failing to ensure trucks are properly loaded, balanced, and secured
  • Hiring unqualified drivers who lack the proper training
  • Requiring drivers to operate rigs that are improperly maintained, inspected, and repaired
  • Failing to discipline drivers for safety violations
  • Neglecting to provide safety devices on trucks to avoid causing more serious injury, such as rear underride protection