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Solana Beach Personal Injury Attorney Dean Goetz

I was involved in a motorcycle accident. My bike was totaled, and my body was beat-up. I endured three painful operations. I was able to concentrate on healing, and not have to worry about the formalities of the accident. Dean took care of every detail quickly, and professionally. -->More

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Why Should you hire Solana Beach Personal Injury Attorney Dean Goetz?

Dean Goetz has the experience and dedication to take on the toughest cases and win. 

Recovering fair compensation in a personal injury case is often a stressful and time-consuming process. Fortunately, you don't have to handle it alone. Hiring personal injury attorney Dean Goetz means you'll have a fierce legal representative by your side, advocating for you and protecting your rights.  Attorney Dean Goetz handles a wide variety of personal injury cases including car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accidents, commercial and semi truck accident, construction accident, wrongful death, and product liability.

Dean Goetz nominated California Consumer Attorney of the Year 2017 (PDF press release: HOLDING A MEDICAL DEVICE MANUFACTURER ACCOUNTABLE FOR A DANGEROUS DESIGN) Consumer Attorneys of California with the full legal team for his work in Kransky vs. Depuy, and Mr. Kransky's long road to justice

What Dean's Solana Beach Clients Say About Him

Solana Beach Personal Injury Attorney Representative Results

$8.3 Million Jury Verdict

Kransky vs. Depuy March 8, 2013 Los Angeles Superior Court. Jury found the Depuy hip replacement device was a defective device and awarded Bill Kransky $8.3 million in compensatory damages. Dean Goetz and John Gomez were Mr. Kransky's lawyers. FIRST verdict in the USA against Depuy for $8,328,000.

$1,250,000 Policy Limits Settlement

Motorcycle vs. car injury case involving a 21 year old student who was injured when a 65 year old man made a left turn at an intersection, in front of the motorcyclist.

$1,900,000 Settlement

Dean's client was a paraplegic due to a motorcycle accident that had occurred several years before. Dean filed a lawsuit and after several years of litigating, he was able to get his client a $1.9 Million Settlement. But that wasn't enough to fully help his client. The next step was for Dean to secure that money by using a structured settlement.

$1,600,000 Settlement

Attorney Dean Goetz represented a homeless man who crossing a street at night in a crosswalk in Encinitas in September 2015 when he was hit by a Prius car. The driver had a fogged up windshield and said he never saw the pedestrian. However, the police officer said Lawrence caused the car accident because he was walking on a "Don't Walk" light. Attorney Goetz went to work to help this seriously injured man even though the Police Officers blamed the pedestrian. This person needed help and the Goetz Law Firm was there for him in every way possible.

Liability was obviously a big issue so Attorney Goetz went to work and proved that the car driver was at fault. Attorney Goetz pointed out to the insurance company that even if his client the pedestrian entered the crosswalk on a "Don't Walk" light, a pedestrian in an intersection crosswalk has the right of way under California law. Attorney Goetz hired the best investigators and a motor vehicle accident reconstructionist. An eye witness was contacted who saw Attorney Goetz' client begin crossing the street on a "Walk" light. The car Accident Reconstructionist expert looked at all the evidence and concluded that the driver was at fault.

bicyclists riding in bike lane in Solana Beach in front of attorney Dean Goetz's law office

Solana Beach Bicycle Accident Attorney

Solana Beach personal injury attorney Dean Goetz has represented and obtained sizeable settlements for numerous bicycle riders whose cases were rejected by other attorneys because they did not want to sue a City or a large road building contractor for negligence and damages.

My Solana Beach law office in the Ocean Building is right on California Highway 101 which is the most biked road in America and everyday all year long I see many bicyclists going by. All types of cyclists enjoy our year round bicycling weather from teams to recreational riders and families pulling trailers, even bicycle commuters.

Bicyclists often face prejudice just because they are on two wheels, similar to the type of bias that motorcyclists experience. This is why it is important, especially if you are injured, that you find an experienced bicycle attorney who will fight for your legal rights and who is experienced in handling bicycle accident cases. By hiring attorney Dean Goetz, you will have a fierce legal advocate by your side ensuring that you get the maximum settlement available to you under the law.

I was seriously injured on my bicycle, disabled and unable to work for eight months, due to a motorist's negligence and unethical disregard for my welfare [...] he cared about me as a human being who had been wronged, not just as a case with legal merit. -->More

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Chula Vista

5 star review posted on Google about San Diego personal injury attorney Dean Goetz handling of her bicycle accident personal injury case.
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How much is your personal injury accident case worth?

It may be difficult to place a dollar amount based on injuries you or a loved one suffer in an accident as there are many factors to consider.

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and earning potential
  • Compensation for permanent injury or disfigurement
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Repair or replacement of your car, bike, or motorcycle
  • Compensation for other losses resulting from the accident

Those who are injured by someone else and file personal injury claims may be eligible to receive financial compensation based on their physical and/or emotional harm.

Get answers to your questions about Medical bills, lost wages, what insurance coverages you have available.

Call personal injury attorney Dean Goetz as you as you are able.

Dean will be able to deal with the insurance companies and protect your rights, and you can focus on your recovery. It is extremely important that Dean get involved as soon as possible in order to take steps to identify and preserve important evidence at the accident scene. If you wait too long, the accident scene will no longer be useful for accident investigators and important evidence may be lost.

Many car accident victims believe they are out of luck if they are hit by an uninsured motorist (UIM) or underinsured motorist (UM), but this may not be the case, even if you were a pedestrian, bicyclist, motorcyclist, passenger or bystander, so long as the motorist who caused your injuries was uninsured or underinsured.

Accident Investigation

I have taken third party construction accident cases that other attorney have rejected and obtained large settlements for my clients.

I use highly skilled accident reconstruction experts who can uncover the evidence required to prove third party negligence.

Identify Defendants

Seven Figure settlement

Case for a client who was seriously injured in a truck v car accident where the driver of the truck had only $100,000 insurance coverage. I was able to get this seven figure settlement because I identified an additional defendant.

Motorcycle Riders

I have obtained numerous settlements at trial and in settlement for motorcycle riders who were injured by cars that pulled out in front of them or made left turns in front of them.

In most of these cases liability was contested but after I had my investigators and accident reconstruction experts investigate and prepare reports, the cases were settled for most often the policy limits.

Bicycle Accident Cases

I have represented and obtained sizeable settlements for numerous bicycle riders whose cases were rejected by other attorneys.

These bicycle riders had their cases rejected by other attorneys because they did not want to sue a City or a large road building contractor for negligence and damages. It is a lot of work, but I am proud that I have fought for cyclists rights and succeeded.

On The Road

The right hook is a common bicycle v. car accident scenario, occuring even when the bicycle is iriding in a designated bike lane.

Right Hook

When a bicyclist is riding in the bicycle lane (typically right side of the road), or simply riding on the right of the main busy traffic lane, motor vehicles may be turning right through the bike lane, often unexpectedly in front of the bicyclist. This can result in a serious collision, It may trigger the bicyclist losing control of the bicycle. Or it may necessitate the bicyclist needing to force a fall to prevent contact with the automobile.

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for cyclists getting car doored is too common, even riding in a designated bike lane

Don't Door Me

For cyclists, getting car doored is too common and extremely dangerous resulting in serious injury and even death.

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truck driver blind spot pedestrian walking in crosswalk is hidden by truck cab

Truck Blindspots

Trucks are very dangerous for bicycle and pedestrians, even small cars and motorcycles and all vehicles deal with underride and sideguard crash dangers around semi tractor trailers.

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San Diego  classic Indian motorcycle palm trees and great views on roads that are fun for motorcycle riders year round.

San Diego Motorcycle injury attorney

San Diego personal injury attorney Dean A. Goetz has had many years of experience and demonstrated results successfully handling motorcycle accident injury cases and will carefully evaluate all aspects of your case to obtain the maximum benefits for you.

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truck drivers need to look for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and even small cars

Big Rig Truck Underride Crashes

The bicyclist may try to avoid the accident and may fall as a result of a collision avoidance maneuver. In many cases, a collision doesn't have to occur for injury nor expensive damages to the bike to occur. When a bicyclist rightly avoids a car turning in front and cutting them off, she may lose control of the bicycle, and crash.

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California truck accident law help

San Diego Worst Roads Motorcycle Accidents

We looked at all motorcycle accidents in San Diego County from 2015 through August 1, 2018 by looking at the total number of motorcycle accident incidents, the severity of injury, and the number of fatal motorcycle accidents reported in each and identified the most dangerous roads.

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California truck accident law help

California Truck Accident Law

Particularly in the area of trucking accidents, it is important to hire an attorney with the experience necessary to find out who's at fault and do proper and in depth accident investigation.

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San Diego, cars road and palm tree vista near highway 101 PCH

What To Do After An Auto Accident

Quick help: Witnesses, pictures, getting help for all injured, accident reconstruction, preserving evidence, when you need to file an accident report, reporting to your own insurance company.

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Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Did You Have Your Defective Hip Device Removed and Replaced?
Talk to an experienced defective hip lawyer now. We have important information for you and we are here to help. Free consultation.
Dean Goetz, Lren Bill Kranksy and John Gomez stepping into the Pacific Ocean in California

Solana Beach personal injury attorney Dean A. Goetz and the Gomez Law Firm were the attorneys for Mr. Loren Kranksy, the Plaintiff in the first Depuy ASR XL trial in the US which took place in Los Angeles, California.

March 8, 2013 at 9:38 a.m. PST A jury found Depuy liable to Mr. Loren Bill Kransky today in a Los Angeles Superior Court. The jury awarded Mr. Kransky $8,000,000 in general damages and $328,330 in compensatory damages. Attorney Dean Goetz of the Law Offices of Dean Goetz and John Gomez of the Gomez firm represented Bill Kransky, who was a Montana resident. We are proud to be the Kransky lawyers.

This is the FIRST verdict in the United States against Depuy and it is for $8,328,000.

If you have a hip device and you want the lawyers who represented Mr. Kransky on your side, call Dean Goetz 858-481-8844.

Stryker Hip Replacement Recall

Individuals who received the Stryker Rejuvenate Modular Hip System or the Stryker ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stem may not be having symptoms right now, but they will likely have symptoms in the future.  If you wait until you have symptoms to seek legal representation, it may be too late.  The law requires all lawsuits to be filed within a certain period of time, and, if they are not, the case is forever barred.  Therefore, if you suspect you have a Stryker implant, contact Dean Goetz right away for a free consultation.

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