Is there a deadline I should be worried about if I have a Depuy ASR?


Many people are confused as to when they have to file a lawsuit seeking damages from Depuy and Johnson and Johnson for their defective Depuy ASR hip implants.  The time you have to file your claim is dictated by a State's Statute of Limitations.  A statute of limitation is a law which terminates your right to file a claim for injury, if you don't file within a certain time.  Each state has their own statute of limitations (SOL) for products liability.  In some states, you may have as little as one year to file a claim. *See the list of the SOL's in every state.

In California, the statute of limitations  in products liability cases is two years. The time starts running when the plaintiff knows of the injury and suspects, or should suspect, that the injury was caused by a defective product.

The existence of such knowledge is a factual determination for the jury to decide. A jury makes this determination using the following factors

(1) knowledge of the injury, and

(2) knowledge of facts creating, or which in a reasonable person would create, a suspicion of negligence on the part of someone.  Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. v Superior Court (1995, 4th Dist) 32 Cal App 4th 959, 38 Cal Rptr 2d 298. * See further discussions on this issue in other articles on this site.

In California, the deadline to sue is fast approaching!  The deadline is probably August, 23, 2012, but talk to an attorney to find out what your particular deadline is.  If you have a Depuy ASR or Depuy Pinnacle hip replacement device, call us TODAY.  

Time may be running out.  Call The Law Offices of Dean Goetz at 858-481-8844 now.

Do not Delay.
Act now.

Even if your Depuy ASR hip replacemnt device is not causing you pain and you do not have high metal levels yet, find out what you need to do now to protect your future rights.

You are living with a ticking (rapidly expiring) hip replacement device (bomb) and you are entitled to compensation. Don't forfeit your rights.

We handle cases no matter where you had your surgery. The Law Offices of Dean Goetz Call Attorney Dean Goetz at 858-481-8844.


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